Different Uses of Multi-Use Covers

Multi-Use CoversMulti-Use Covers are becoming more and more of a necessity to mothers especially nursing moms. When moms try to find covers to meet all their needs such as finding a nursing cover so that they feel more comfortable while nursing in public, finding a car seat cover, finding a burp cloth and then packing all this into an already head diaper bag, it can get overwhelming and that’s where the importance of Multi-Use Covers come in.

But getting Multi-Use Covers doesn’t mean you are giving up your chance to have options or variety. Multi-Use Covers come in a ton of cute patterns to choose from, there are several different types of covers, each of which has its own advantages, disadvantages, and learning curve. To find the best Multi-Use Covers for you, you need to consider all the various ways you plan to use it, and how important each use is to you, and your baby’s personality. If you plan to use it primarily as a nursing cover, for example, you should take into account how much coverage you want when determining the size to buy and then other uses come secondary in playing roles as a determinant of factors such as size.

So what are the various ways you can use Multi-Use Covers? I’ve highlighted some major uses below

As Swaddle Blankets

Swaddle blankets are very important for newborn babies. Swaddle blankets provide a familiar comfort to babies as they mimic the feeling of a cuddle or swaddle from being in the womb. Wrapping your baby in a swaddle blanket also helps keep the baby’s hand from waking the baby. When a baby is born the Multi-Use Cover can be used as a swaddle blanket to wrap the baby and as time goes on and other uses arise it can be converted as appropriate. Some parents, however, decide to buy a separate blanket or swaddle cloth for this purpose. Either way when buying, look for a soft blanket that is lightweight and breathable, meaning your little one will stay comfy and cozy without overheating.

As a Shopping Cart Cover

Multi-Use Covers

A Multi-Use Cover can also be used as a shopping cart cover. While shopping in a grocery store or department store like Target or Walmart with your baby, you would want to put them on the cart for easy. This cover protects your little one from having direct skin contact with these shopping carts. It is also a great alternative to using antibacterial wipes every time you go to the store.

As a Nursing Cover

Multi-Use Covers

This would be one of the major uses of your cover. For some moms, it might be a challenge to deal with frequent nursing when the baby is just born or for those moms that have twins or triplets, even more so. But things almost always start to calm down after the first 6 or 8 weeks but this could also vary on a case by case basis. These first weeks might be a bit chaotic with a combination of stress, change, and a transition for the family.

So when nursing frequently, even though you have the right cover and all your accessories needed, it might still be a challenge. You can keep these tips in mind. First off, as mentioned above, frequent nursing is normal and is to be expected so don’t panic or stress about it as it will only add to your stress level which is the last thing you need. If you notice something out of the ordinary you can call your doctor.

Also, keep in mind that nursing is not just about food. It serves as a source of warmth, closeness, reassurance, comfort, healing, love and has also been shown to reduce stress and pain in the baby too.

However, if you notice that the baby seems to be nursing all the time, you first want to make sure that breastfeeding is working well. Problems with latching can result in frequent nursing if the baby is not transferring milk efficiently. If baby’s latch is shallow, it can be like when you’re drinking from a straw and pinch the straw mostly shut – baby is still getting milk but it takes a long time at the breast to get enough. Often, even minor changes in latch can help a lot. Also, contact your doctor if you notice that the problem is not going away.

If you decide that a multi-use cover is not the best choice for you, there are other options of covers just for nursing that you can buy. One of them is the poncho


Multi-Use Covers

Nursing cover ponchos are the best option if your primary concern is modesty because they provide coverage around your entire body. Other covers can slip off to the side while you’re nursing or pumping, but that won’t happen with a poncho. It’s also much harder for your baby to pull these off of you if she doesn’t like covers. Additionally, sometimes, when you pull your shirt up to nurse or pump, you back can be exposed – a poncho will cover that up. Ensure that the poncho is light and breathable since the baby will be fully covered by it. Also, ensure that it is clean and don’t use it when the weather is extremely or even slightly hot.


Another style of nursing covers are the apron-style covers. They used to be one of the most common styles of covers but now multi-use covers and other modern nursing covers are more common especially for first-time parents.  However, they are still a good alternative. They consist of a large rectangle of fabric that covers your chest, and they have a strap on the back of your neck holding them in place, like an apron. Both nursing and pumping can be done easily with an apron-style cover.

With all this information provided, you should be well on your way in deciding if you want to get a multi-use cover or any other kind. Remember that each parent experience is different and so take all recommendations but use your own discretion and do more research.